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Fort Caspar: Candlelight Christmas Tour

On the first Friday and/or Saturday of December come see Fort Caspar (Platte Bridge Station) turn into a busy outpost of military infantry, cavalry, and civilian emigrants. Experience the fort in a different light as the museum barriers will be taken down and the public will be able to walk through the fort buildings alongside the soldiers who occupy the remote outpost.

This event will start at 5:30pm and continue until approximately 8:30pm both nights at the Fort Caspar Museum located at 4001 Fort Caspar Road  Casper, WY 82604. Free to all Visitors, the candlelight tours will welcome each guest into the museum with hot-chocolate, cookies, and 19th century music. Visitors will then brave the frontier cold, and walk outside to the entrance of the fort. They will be met by sentries who guard the entrance and then will be guided on the parade grounds of the fort. Visitors can then tour each building and talk to the soldiers that occupy them.

Set as December 24th 1865, cannon shots will be conducted at the half-hour in order to keep the hostiles on the other side of the North Platte River while infantry and cavalry patrol the grounds of the outpost.

Visitors will see how soldiers lived during the hard winters at the newly named Fort Caspar (once Platte Bridge Station) and should therefore dress warm themselves. The officers’ quarters and soldier barracks will be lit by candlelight. Depending on the timing of supply trains from Fort Laramie, Visitors might also have a chance to dine in style with the soldiers by eating the only thing left to eat…Hardtack.

Jim Bridger, the famed mountain man and military scout, will be there telling some of his wild stories of life as an explorer, interpreter and scout.

Visitors can then get warm by walking back inside the museum and touring the established portion of the museum for free. 
Interested reenators must read the uniform guidelines and must register on the registration page.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any additional questions after reviewing this website, please feel free to contact the sponsoring unit, the 11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry at 307-262-1725.


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