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This website is creatd for living history events and reenactments at the fort. Below is the main website of the museum and other related links related to living history in Wyoming.

The official website of Fort Caspar

Sponsoring Units


Kearny’s Frontier Regulars is its own organization with a base membership of over 25 individuals portraying all aspects of frontier military life in 1st and 3rd person representations. Programs include laundress, artillery, infantry, frontier scout, Quartermaster Dandy, cavalry, women’s clothing, frontier cooking, and more. These programs have been and are presented at local and regional schools, the fort, various state parks and community events, the National Parks and Historic Sites including the 140th Anniversary of Antietam and Maryland’s South Mountain Battlefield Dedication. Each summer we travel the state and sometimes the nation presenting weekend programs to help educate and introduce the public to our history in an entertaining format.

Living Historians of the Wyoming Frontier (LHWF)

A living history organization based in Wyoming that is associated with the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum.  Living Historians of the Wyoming Frontier (LHWF) is made up of about 20 men, women, and children who present different aspects of 19th century civilian and military life. These aspects include but are not limited to Laundress, Army Surgeon, Faro Dealer, Civil War Cavalry, Army Scout, Mountain Man, Pioneer Food, Map Maker, Civil War Infantry, Wyoming Frontiersman, Blacksmith, Chop House Cook .

11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry

The 11
th OVC is a living history and reenacting group that focuses on portraying mounted cavalry on the western frontier. Usually portraying the 11th OVC, they also do impressions on the 11th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, and partners with its “Sister” unit, the 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, when participating in eastern Civil War reenactments.

Useful Links

Civil War Reenactors Forum

Home to the first forum on the internet dedicated to the Civil War Reenactor and is proud to  be approaching their 15th year online. This page is dedicated to the brave souls, North and South, who fought in the war between the states.  you will find some useful information here. Please check back often for updates. Comments are also welcome.

Authentic Campaigner

The AC is a collection of articles and links to articles full of all sorts of great information, previously not generally available. Prior to the interwebs, it was more difficult to access information about what was “correct” and more importantly “why”. Perhaps you had a friend that copied the “Hardcracker Handbook” for you, or maybe you subscribed to “The Watchdog”. In that day and age, there were a lot of people coming to realize that what they’d been led to believe was “correct” by their pard, captain, or unit authenticity shaman, wasn’t quite right… but they didn’t know why. Most good ideas start with the recognition of an unmet need: "If only…” there was a way that the general population of reenactors could access reliable documentation to help them make the leap from an impression based on what they’ve been told to one based on what is correct. Here you will find the leaders of a truely authentic impression and a community that continues to challenge one onother in achieving the most accurate impression possible.


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